A Declaration

Micro fiction is a lost wax process. Finished products are born from many steps of creating and stripping away until what is left is essential to a given piece. The Lost Wax MicroFiction Collective is interested in work that is story and character driven and has universal resonance. Here are the rules we write by:

  1. Each word must count.
  2. Develop and know the story inside the piece. There should be an excess of words written and disposed of for each word chosen to remain in the final draft.
  3. The piece must have universal resonance.
  4. All rules of grammar and punctuation may be broken as long as doing so serves an intended purpose.
  5. Reduce. Strip away until there is only the essence. When complete, attempt to reduce the word count by >10%.
  6. The finished piece must be published immediately after it is complete. It no longer belongs to the artist.
  7. The piece is complete when it can no longer be reduced.

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