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We at the Lost Wax Collective enjoy working with micro fiction because of the way a well told micro story invites a reader to participate. When you paint a picture with a few strokes – and just the right strokes – a reader fills in what’s not there with imagination, inner world, memories. The goal is ultimately a form of intimate engagement…


But who better to weigh in on the art of brevity than one of our favorite writers George Saunders. After giving us this exercise, he touched base with us and this is what he had to say:

1. Saying things as efficiently as possible is a form of respect for your reader.
2. If the reader feels respected, she is also going to feel more drawn into the story – more intimately connected.
3. Intimate connection = power.
4. The elimination of the unnecessary or redundant makes a piece feel formed, rather than casual – and that is basically the definition of art.