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diversidad inter

Miriam Perez.
0.50 x 0.68 x 0.40 m.
Photo. Antonio Gonzalez.

As the Lost Wax Micro Fiction Collective, we recently decided to search for images of lost wax sculptures and came across Mexican artist Miriam Pérez. The movement and life she captures in these intricate figures immediately struck us. They dance, they emote and they make the viewer feel. (click on the above image for a bigger view and visit Peréz’s website for more) And the question for us is how can you do this same thing with words? How can you make your characters jump off the page? In micro fiction, how can you capture someone mid-moment so that the reader feels the before and after of that time? With Pérez’s sculptures, while you only see certain figures gliding mid-air, you know the jump and the landing.

While Pérez’s creations inspire us, her view on art is equally as compelling. The first quotation is from her website and the second is from an email she sent us. Don’t they make you want to create?

Miriam Pérez on art:
I believe art has to communicate at first sight, at first touch, the same way the breeze or the sun touches your skin, or a smile or a tear touches your soul. My work is based in the effort and joy of movement, the struggle of life and how it reflects in the human soul and form. Life is movement and so is art.

I think we need art to move our souls, to make us sensitive to all the things in this world in order to make it better. We are not to waste energy trying to justify art without a core. Empty.